850 PBC welcomes three new tenants in genomics and diagnostics

850 PBC welcomes three new tenants in genomics and diagnostics

The newest development on the Phoenix Bioscience Core, 850 PBC, recently welcomed three new companies in the areas of genomics research and medical diagnostics.

In addition to being home to Arizona’s three public research universities, the Phoenix Bioscience Core is also home to more than a dozen private companies, nonprofits and clinical organizations.

One hot spot for these companies to locate is 850 PBC. Developed by Wexford Science + Technology in partnership with ASU, the 850 PBC building opened in March 2021. The space houses researchers from ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise, as well as several existing life science companies including ASU-spinout Calviri Inc. On the first floor, 850 PBC is also home to Gateway Community College’s CEI LabForce, a life science workforce training and skills hub, and ASU’s Edson E+I space.

“When you couple the quality of Wexford’s development with the proximity of our three state universities, good things are going to happen for our entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said PBC Executive Director David Krietor.

The new Wexford Innovation Labs are set to open on the fifth floor of 850 PBC later this fall, but in the meantime will welcome three new tenants to the PBC community, according to Kyle Jardine, director of real estate development for Wexford. Here are some of the companies moving to the Phoenix Bioscience Core’s 850 PBC.

You can also view all of the PBC’s community members here.

International Genomics Consortium

The International Genomics Consortium, or IGC, is actually relocating from its current location at the TGen building on the south side of the Core. IGC is a pioneer in the biosciences industry. It translates genomic discoveries into medically and scientifically helpful information that physicians and researchers use for medical management, validate findings and to make new medical breakthroughs.

Cirrus Bio

Cirrus Bio is a new startup with experienced founders and is a partner of the International Genomics Consortium. Cirrus Bio creates medical diagnostics that improve health and quality of life by detecting common diseases that currently lack effective diagnostic tools.

Robust Diagnostics

Robust Diagnostics is a brand new startup as well, with this being their first lab space. Founded in September 2020 by ASU professor Chris Diehnelt. Robust Diagnostics devleops and performs multi-clonal antibody assays for infections disease and automimmune disease.

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