Phoenix Bioscience Core Arts Committee launches new student grant program to encourage exploration of art and science

The Phoenix Bioscience Core and its arts committee announced August 11 the launch of a new student-focused grant program aimed at encouraging students on the PBC to engage with the arts. 

This new program will award funds of up to $1,000 to up to three students on the Phoenix Bioscience Core who are interested in using art to showcase their academic work or research. Similar to the PBC’s Artist + Researcher Exhibits, the work must incorporate some area of importance in health care, community or public health, life sciences or scientific research to be eligible. Students will be able to use the funds to develop a work of art based on their curriculum or research. 

“Our goal is to offer students an opportunity to integrate visual art into their core curriculum to encourage creativity and provide another way to connect and spark interest in their chosen field of study,” said PBC Arts Chair Dr. Cynthia Standley. “Art can be used to explore other aspects of health innovation such as the ethical and social implications of scientific research, responding to a health crisis or raising awareness of other important issues.” 

Applications for the program opened on August 11 and are available through early September. The PBC Arts Committee will announce the grant recipients at the Artist + Researcher Deep Dive event September 14. More information on the program is available below. 

If you or someone you know is interested, you can apply here


This program is open to any student (undergraduate, graduate or postdoctoral) with a connection to the Phoenix Bioscience Core. This is a grant, not a scholarship and funds must be used to directly support the student’s project. The project must incorporate an area of importance in health care, community or public health, life sciences, or scientific research expressed through some form of art. Applications will be reviewed by the PBC Arts Committee and will be approved on a case-by-case basis.


Proposed projects must serve the mission of the Phoenix Bioscience Core. This includes academic areas such as healthcare, community health, life science, translational research or any other area with a connection to the mission of the PBC.


Provide a detailed description of the proposed health/science and art project. Describe the type of artistic discipline and the type of health/science topic that will be at the center of the project. Explain the intended  impact the project is likely to have on the general public. (300 word limit)

Timeline: Provide a detailed description of the project’s timeline along with proposed dates. The PBC Arts Committee will require a check-in midway through the project. 


The program will award up to $1,000 pers student for this program. A budget must be submitted. List all expenses related to the project with a short explanation of the expense as well as the monetary amount. Funding can go toward supplies, materials, travel, or other discretionary items. The total proposed budget cannot exceed $1,000.

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