PBC Arts Committee 2024 Student Grant Winners Unveil Work at Venture Cafe.

During the May 9, 2024 Venture Cafe all about the intersection of Art and Science four student grant winners took to the stage to be introduced by Chair of the PBC Arts Committee, Dr. Cynthia Standley. The students then unveiled their finished work and stuck around to answer questions.

The PBC Arts Committee opened submissions to a PBC Student grant in November of 2023 to students on the Phoenix Bioscience Core interested in creating a piece of art representing a research topic the student feels a connection. Originally intending to offer three grants the committee found four stand out submissions and decided to name four grant winners. Here is a look at all four winners and their work,

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix.

Title of Piece:
Community Influence: Cultivating Innovation for Gynecologic Health Research

Nicole’s art piece captures the powerful stories of current and future women scientists and why they chose the field of women’s health research, while also bringing awareness to understudied gynecologic conditions. The hope is that this work empowers more individuals to pursue women’s health research.

Third Year Medical Student
UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

Title of Piece:
Shrouded Realities in Healthcare: Illuminating the Guilt-laden Narratives Through Artistic Exploration

Her piece focuses on the topic of Guilt. Guilt shows up in places of learning through imposter syndrome, in hospitals as survivors’ guilt, and in homes as caregivers’ resentment. The aim of her project is to provide a platform for healthcare professionals and patients to confront, reflect upon, and ultimately transform their experiences of guilt. Through mediums such as painting, writing, photography, and multimedia installations, participants are encouraged to externalize their emotions and engage in a cathartic process of self-discovery to foster healing and resilience.

Third Year Medical Student
UArizona College of Medicine – Phoenix

Title of Piece:
Beyond the Diagnosis

Informed by insights from a patient panel discussion on the pressures of “perfect” diabetes management and the artist’s own experiences with chronic illness, “Beyond the Diagnosis” is an exploration of the psychological impact of chronic conditions. Through a series of eight canvases, each depicting a different chronic condition, the viewer is confronted with the intrusive nature of illness. “Beyond the Diagnosis” invites viewers to contemplate the resilience and strength of individuals living with chronic conditions, while challenging preconceived notions about identity and illness.

Physical Therapy Graduate

Title of Piece:
Finding the Beauty in our Bodies at Work

Working in a hospital, Isabel has seen so many individuals overcome incredible obstacles, strengthening their minds, hearts, and bodies in profound ways. Like flowers, the human body requires care and nourishment to thrive. And, like flowers, each of our bodies possess a unique beauty. Her intention was to create a piece that shows appreciation for the splendor and elegance with which our key organs help us each and every day.


All four pieces are currently on display in 850 PBC on the ground floor. (850 N. 5th St. Phoenix, AZ)

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